Maybe a May Bee?

May Bee

MAYBE I’ve been struggling to write the blog lately. It has to do with the notion that my blog readers deserve a comprehensively written post every single time. There are many times when I just want to check in and say “Hi! I found this great product I love” and leave it at that. But then uncertainty gets the best of me and I convince myself that isn’t “good enough”, that in addition to telling you about the product, or service, or recipe or whatever, I also need to include a lot of facts and info. And recently I don’t have the chunks in my day to do that, so I’ve just been languishing. Well, the blog has been languishing, not me. I’m doing just fine.

So when my friend KC at Word Savvy told me about the May Bee (which she read about on her friend’s blog A Little Leeway) I was instantly on board. Technically it started on May 1st, but being that I am behind in *everything* right now, it seems fitting that I would start on May 3rd.  The guidelines are: “The May Bee begins on May 1.  All you have to do is blog one or more sentences every day in May. You have to start and end each blog post with the word “MAYBE” or include the word maybe somewhere in the blog post.  It could be fun.  Maybe not, but maybe.”

So, here it is, my May Bee post #1. And I’m thinking it might help me re-energize my blog and in turn, me. Maybe.

8 thoughts on “Maybe a May Bee?

  1. Anne

    Great idea. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes people may have only time to read a hello, here’s a product or recipe. Your readers are busy bees, too. So varying short and sweet with longer, more “comprehensive” posts sounds perfect.

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  2. I totally can relate. I had one blog post in April. May is a new month, and a month of new beginnings! Better to have a good post than a post “just to post”, maybe?


    1. Cultivate Wellness

      Why don’t you try the May Bee and see how it goes? I think there’s a point where if you don’t post enough you lose momentum and readers. Mostly I’ve learned I’m way harder on myself than anyone else would be! And my readers are busy too, and maybe don’t have enough time for all my posts to be comprehensive.


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