Summer Intentions

Every time the seasons change, I use it as an opportunity to reevaluate my routines, habits and goals. I’m what I guess you could call a “serial improver”. For example, setting an intention to eat at least six servings a day of fruit and vegetables several years ago has stuck, and I’ve built on that goal to the point where now I’m regularly eating 9+ servings a day.

Some people are part of the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” camp. I am squarely in the other camp. To me, it’s fun and exciting to think about new ways to do things, which is why I obsessively read health and wellness articles and studies. The idea that I can “hack” my health (whether it’s physical or mental) or find new ways to do things like make cooking for my family easier, gets me very excited.

So, I thought I would share what my goals and intentions are for this spring and summer. I would love to hear what yours are, so please make sure to leave a comment at the bottom!

  1. Meditate daily.  This is *always* on my list and I have yet to accomplish a consistent daily practice. And yet, meditating really does benefit me in many ways, such as reduced anxiety, more focus, and better sleep. I love the Headspace app and have been using it for years. With some meditations as short as two or three minutes, there’s really no excuse for not doing it daily.
  2. Blog more consistently. Someone just said to me recently “I really miss your weekly cocktail recipes!” And even though I see the metrics of how many people read my blog each day and I know that I have people logging on from all over the world to read Cultivate Wellness, sometimes I still find it hard to believe. That comment sparked my commitment to be more intentional about my posting schedule.
  3. Add strength training to my weekly routine. I hate it. Like, I really hate it. I have yet to find a way to include it in my workout schedule so that I will actually follow through on a long term basis. Have advice for me? Please share! It’s going on my list, as it always does, because I’m sure that one day I will find a way to do it. It’s very important for people over 40, especially women, to include strength training. Read here for more information on why. One possibility is this 9 Minute Strength Workout.
  4. Stop being the cruise director. This one goes against everything I am. I have been told by lots of friends that one of my strengths is bringing people together and planning new and fun things to do. If a reservation needs making, concert tickets need buying, or trip needs planning, I’m usually the one to step up. I truly do enjoy doing this, but sometimes it feels more like a job than a pleasure. So, I am intentionally going to take a step back from that for the next few months and see what happens. Maybe I’ll free up some energy to strength train 😉

I’m sure I will add more intentions to my list but this seems like a good start. Please comment below with your spring/summer intentions!

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7 thoughts on “Summer Intentions

  1. Sally Maenner

    This is amazing!

    I try to throw in planks for a minute at least two or three times a day. I am good for one real strength training session a week. Not enough. I am trying to do Headspace every day — makes me so much kinder!

    You write beautifully.

    I think you should pitch your blog/column to the Star Tribune.

    Sally Bower Maenner 612.839.0274



    1. Cultivate Wellness

      Thank you Sally! In the past I’ve had fun doing those monthly push up challenges, etc so I may need to print a new one out and commit to it! And thank you for your kind words about my writing. I have actually been considering pitching to some publications.


  2. Annie

    Meditation: my daughter at the age of 25 is a regular meditator. Her discipline to her practice is remarkable due to the fact that she is not disciplined in her work ethic. She uses an app, but her key to success is a corner in her room with a special meditation mat (a Christmas gift from me from Urban Outfitter.) She can’t avoid seeing it every day.

    Weight training: It has been my experience that this is very hard to do alone. I am motivated by coaches and others in the room with me. Perhaps you join a studio and go 2-3 times a week to not only learn how to lift without injury, but challenge yourself. Similar to some aspects of golf, weight training is all about you and no none else.

    Cruise director: I am a firm believer that there are “cruise directors” and those that are “invitees.” I am a cruise director too and it is tiring. I like it that you will dial down your planning. It’s depends on how this will affect you social llife and what makes you happy. It is also okay to put the ball in someone else’s court. If you find yourself in a conversation with others saying “we should do this…..” Then you can respond by saying, “great! If you plan it, we’ll come!”

    Have you ever listened to Dishing up Nutrition on MyTalk 107.1 on Saturday Mornings at 8a. They talk everything nutrition and every week is focused on 1 topic. They also have podcasts.

    Love that your goal is to blog more……it is so enjoyable to read!


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