Friday Cocktails: THE RYDER CUP!

It’s Ryder Cup week! It’s Ryder Cup week!  Any other year and I would be excitedly following the news and watching from home.  This year, it’s in my state and I have tickets! Yesterday I went to the practice round with my friend Molly and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. My favorite part was walking around and meeting groups from other countries dressed in their super fun matching outfits. Oh, I also got a high-five from Rory McIlroy, but you know, whatevs (I didn’t wash my hands after, ok? I was excited, ok?).

These USA fans from Canada
These blokes from England
These Jersey boys were born to run

To commemorate Ryder Cup, I am linking to a cocktail recipe for two very special drinks. One is for the Americans and one for the Europeans. Why not try them both?
Click HERE to see the recipes originally published in the Telegraph. They both sound fantastic. Dare I say the European cocktail sounds just a little bit more up my alley? Either way, shake yourself up a nice Ryder Cup Cocktail, sit down, and enjoy some of the best golf you’ve ever seen!


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